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About Us

Connecting you with authentic lifestyle choices.
Zacopa aims to provide you with only 100% genuine and authentic products so that you can be worry-free.

We too are just like you. Simple Malaysians doing our best to create happy lives.
Back-End Techie / Baker-Wannabe
Besides ensuring behind-the-scenes tech stuff is running smoothly, and she 'makes' us eat her home-made cakes and muffins (help!).
Front-End Techie / Humorist
While working with code can be stressful, this web coder always has something funny to say. She keeps the atmosphere and team the positive even when the going gets tough.
Wordsmith / Mixologist
This sentence stringer can whip up exotic drinks at a moments notice. Be it fruit tea, spiced coffee or a tequila sunrise mocktail.
Creative Director / Travelling Shutterbug
Bursting with creative ideas and designer flair, her travels are her inspiration. On her days-off, she and her DSLR camera freeze beautiful scenes of nature.
Overseer / Godfather
Takes care of the team and the nitty-gritties of our venture. He gives our plants the TLC they need besides making sure the team is on track.
Merchandise Manager / Lil' Brother
Our goods person and our all-in-all office hero. However, he demands ang-pow from all of us since he is still single (and available!).